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This community has been created for girls who are active sellers on Ebay and/or have their own online store and are interested in joining forces with other independent sellers in order to gain a wider clientele. The goal of this community is to research different media in which we can place ads, keep track on upcoming festivals/trade shows around the country, and share ideas to help promote our small businesses.

We will come up with a quarterly advertisement for the whole community that we will try to display in targeted magazines and websites. The advertisement will link to a .com webpage which links to all of our individual sites.
This community is limited membership and will only be open to about 50 members of which only 25 can be featured at one time. You must fill out an application and wait for approval to join this community. However, everyone is free to watch!

The community will work like this:
There will be as many as 50 members BUT ONLY 25 MEMBERS featured at one time on the webpage.
I'll be featuring only 25 members in order to keep things fair.
50 members may be too overwhelming to many viewers and members who's banners are at the bottom of the list may not get as many hits.
Members who's sites are featured will be chosen on a first come first serve basis
This means members who pay the dues and submit the banner earliest are guaranteed to be featured.
You need to pay every month that you want to be featured.
To be a member is absolutely free. But in order to be featured there will be a fee. The cost to be featured will fluctuate between the amount of members who want to be featured, the cost of the ad and how many ads we are taking out.

This works out best for everyone because on months when some members do not have merchandise to sell they won't have to pay dues.

Advertising Information:
We will mostly be looking at magazines and websites in which we can place advertisements. The advertisements will link to a website that links to all of our store websites.
1) We will discuss the advertising fees of each magazine or website and divide the fees between all memebers. This way we can reach a wide audience with a minimal amount of money.
2) You must submit a banner ad for your store that we can link to the main site. You can be as creative as you like with this ad. However, there will be a size limit for your banner. (this stuff will be discussed later in the community)
3) Banners must be submitted along with payment for the quarter. We will come up with the advertising fees together.
4) Don't be afraid to ask questions. I have just developed the community and am very open to suggestions!

Some examples of magazines I have considered advertising in are:
Bust, Venus, Nylon, etc.

Because this is a limited access community there is some criteria you must meet in order to be considered:

Membership Criteria:
1) Have an active website with available products posted on the internet
Be an active ebay seller with a minimum feedback of 250 and at least 98% positive feedback
You must also keep your average monthly listings at 10 listings minimum.

You need to have paypal!!! I don't want to get involved with taking checks from people because that will just be confusing. Also...I am not making any profit out of this. We will all work together to come up the the actual dues! All dues will go to paying for advertisement and webspace.

This is mostly for apparel and accessories sellers. We do welcome other sellers such as music and housewares but it must fall in the line of:
Indie, Goth, Gothic, Lolita, Mod, Retro, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, Japan, Kawaii, Fruits, Emo, Punk, Industrial, Cyber, Fetish, Cosplay, Fantasy, DIY.

To submit an application simply send an e-mail with response to the following questions:

1) Do you have an active online store or an active Ebay seller acount? If so, what is your site address and/or Ebay seller name?

2) What kind of products do you normally like to stock?

I will be looking for diversity within the available products. This way we can keep the community interesting!